Thank You For Your Interest To Partnering With Us!

Do you love to walk, shuffle, jog, or run races?

Do you love sharing that passion with other people?

Do you love to have someone else pay a race fee or two?

(Watch Video Below)

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then being an ambassador for Run4Life is your cup of tea! (Or it could be your cup of Nuun)

Here are some things you can look forward to if you become an ambassador for Run4Life:

  • We send you running gear!

  • You take pictures at races with your running gear! (You know we all do that!)

  • Tag us in your pictures on social media! (#Run4Life)

  • You get a 5k or 10k race registration paid each month!

  • If you talk to a race director and refer them to Run4Life and Lynnpro, you will get a referral bonus! (You don’t actually sell anything)

  • If there is someone who you would like to refer to Lynnpro, there will be a small form you will fill out online & Lynnpro will do the rest! And that includes paying you a bit of a commission on their order!Form

To become an ambassador for Run4Life please fill out the form below.